Choose Your Meat Wisely

Who wouldn’t want to live long and have a healthy existence? The need for well being has determined people to find the best food items, especially the ones from meat. They have come to the conclusion that the best one comes from the animals fed with grass. However, this kind of meat isn’t as accessible as the one which comes from animals fed with grains.

Along the years, chicken, beef, fish and pork were among the most common types of meat people used to serve. But nowadays with the discovery of the wild animals’ meat, people found a solution for both their health and also for financial benefits. As these animals are taken directly from nature, their meat lacks any chemicals or growth hormone injection. The high price in comparison with the one of the ordinary meat surely justifies in the properties it has.

It is very likely to find it almost impossible to eat the meat from wild animals, but we should think of the properties it has. Much better than beef and with no cholesterol or fats, is the venison. It also has more minerals and vitamins in its composition. Other meats that are rich in proteins are the caribou, the elk and the reindeer meat.

There are certain cultures that made us more attentive of our eating habits and of the fact that we can have a tasty dish even from creatures we have never thought of eating. Snakes, rats and crocodiles have little fats and calories, act as an aphrodisiac and have also medicinal benefits. And who could ever guess that hippos, green iguanas, elephants, moles, tarantulas and rhino could be on the delicacies menu lists or could have a recovery action in problems such as Alzheimer, Parkinson or cancer?

Studying the predators’ life, we have found out that the muscle meat is the second best when it comes to wild animals. Far more important and richer in nutrients is the organ meat, which consists of liver, heart, brain, tongue, intestines, stomach and kidneys. They also have many minerals and vitamins and if you could forget for a second what they really are, then you could certainly enjoy their taste. The necessary quantity of iron in our body can be provided by eating liver, and if we want to have beautiful skin and to slow down the aging process, then we should eat heart, as it contains co- enzyme Q10.

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