Early Skin Cancer Detection Is Vital

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer that is diagnosed every year. It is also one cancer that is easily detectable if you pay attention to your skin and perform a self examination regularly. In addition to skin cancer detection you should do everything you can to prevent skin cancer from ever starting.

As part of a routine physical your doctor should be examining your skin for any abnormal growths or discolrations. You should also be checking your own skin at least once a month. Checking your skin for skin cancer is quick, easy, and painless.

Start by finding a well lit room with a full length mirror. If there are areas that you have a hard time seeing during your self exam you can use a hand held mirror. The first time you do your self exam you will be taking the time to get to know all of your skin?s anomalies. Careful examination will give you a base for checking for changes in those blemishes and discolorations on your skin in future self exams. For now check anything that you have not noticed before.

Begin with your face and work your way down methodically and systematically. You may need some help for those areas that are hard to see. If you have a spouse or very close friend they can check your lower back and top of the thigh area for you. If there is no one to help you can use a handheld mirror to see those areas.

You should examine areas more closely if they are regularly exposed to the sun. You want to know if moles and other discolored areas change in color or size. Detailed descriptions of many kinds of skin cancers are readily available.

You should know what skin cancers look like. You need to inform your doctor as soon as possible if you find something on your skin that looks different or suspicious. There may not be a problem, but you cannot know that for sure until a doctor checks you out. You can eliminate skin cancers more easily if you find them quickly.

You will need to be more careful about your skin if it is very fair. Cover it at all times when you go outside, and wear sunscreen on any skin that is exposed. Deflect the sun’s harmful rays on your face with hats. Early skin cancer detection and a solid prevention regime will help you defend against skin cancer.

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