Experiencing Those Bothersome Menopause Symptoms

It is natural in life for women to undergo menopause when they reach the age 50 or so. It can be an uncomfortable time, but many of the vasomotor symptoms subside with time. There are other effects which can be more severe, and this will describe the menopause symptoms and the available treatments.

Nowadays, women spend one third of their life in menopause. Most women go through menopause when are 50 or so. The cause of menopause is due to the fact that the ovaries begin to slow their production of estrogen. The way to diagnose menopause is through a blood test which is started on women when they reach this age.

There are many symptoms associated with menopause, and probably 50 percent of women experience vasomotor symptoms. These will usually last years after the diagnosis is made. Other symptoms include vaginal dryness and sleep disturbance while others will also complain of mood disturbances, urinary complaints, uterine bleeding, and a lower quality of life.

To treat menopause, one needs to know what is available to treat patients. Estrogen replacement therapy is the first way to treat it because the patient is suffering from low estrogen levels, and the body parts which rely on it are being affected. The vaginal wall becomes dry, and it benefits from estrogen creams.

To discuss osteoporosis, this is a very important disease itself to prevent and treat. Women who develop this disease can easily have severe fractures which can be very debilitating. The bones which are easily affected are the hip bones, the vertebrae, and arm. To diagnose osteoporosis, a DEXA scan needs to be performed. The treatment for this is oral estrogen replacement therapy to help prevent bone loss.

Aside from estrogen replacement therapy, there are other treatments. Bisphosphonates can also be prescribed which also help prevent the woman from having bone fractures. This is also a very good treatment because long-term estrogen replacement therapy has its negative effects.

It is known that endometrial cancer can be a sequelae of estrogen use. However, if the women has had a hysterectomy, it is the recommended medication for menopause. If they do have their uterus, progestin is given as well to decrease the likelihood of the formation of endometrial cancer because it allows them to bleed.

Menopause is a normal state for women of a certain age, and it comes with some uncomfortable symptoms. Some are benign which have simple treatments. However, some people may acquire symptoms or disease states which are much more serious. Osteoporosis is an important disease to consider with post-menopausal women because they can experience harmful falls which could be life-threatening. The common, less serious symptoms include hot flashes, irritability, vaginal dryness, and sleep disturbances. The treatment for most of these problems is estrogen replacement therapy in either pill form or a cream. It is important to monitor any adverse effects of estrogen therapy because it can lead to endometrial cancer. It is important to see a doctor to help with any problematic symptoms.

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