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What are the entry requirements?

A confident grasp of English is vital and you will need to have a minimum IELTs score of 5.5 to qualify. You will also need to demonstrate that your academic qualifications are sufficient in order to deal with the academic demands of A level study. If your qualifications are not sufficient, you may be required to enroll on a pre A level foundation course at your chosen college before you start you’re a level programme. 

How long does it take to study A levels?
 A Level study usually takes two years. In the first year you will study for your AS levels and the grades that you get from these subjects will be carried forward to the second year of your A level studies. If you have already completed your AS levels in your current and wish to complete the second year of your study in the UK, we can also help you.

What A Level subjects can I study?
This will depend upon the college you choose and the number of A Level subjects you choose. Most colleges have a choice of over 30 A Level subjects. It is typical for students to study for 4 AS levels in the first year and then specialize by continuing with 3 of these subjects in the second year. It is important to think about the combination of A Level subjects you choose as this will influence your future study at University and your chosen career. As part of our service to you, we will advise you on the combinations of A Levels available and help you find the best mix of subjects for your career aims.

How do I apply for University?
When you start the second year of your A Level studies you will begin the UK university application process. Your college tutor will help you with this process in terms of assisting you with course/university choice and helping you to write your personal statement. Colleges do not charge you for this service and there are no counseling fees to pay. The deadline for receipt of University applications in mid January for the year in which you wish to go to University

Where can I study A Levels?
There is a choice of over 250 colleges across the UK. You will need to think about whether you wish to live in a city or in a more rural location. You also need to consider the cost of living. For example, it can be more expensive living in London and the south of England compared to other parts of the country.

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