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Purchasing, Supply chain


  • Need standard and systemic process for amending purchase orders over time and shared by all parties
  • Enforce accountability regarding revisions and approvals
  • Tie-in business process with critical-path management and alerting system for milestone tracking
  • Need buyer to have a single version of the forecast, purchase order history and to track shipments between all parties

Trace One can help

The competitive landscape has changed for retailers over the past few years. Rather than competing solely on the high-street, leading retailers are establishing direct relationships with factories and other sources of supply. With the pressure on retailers to ensure high levels of on-shelf availability and speed time-to-market for the latest trends and  seasonal items, the effective movement of goods locally and internationally is a real source of competitive advantage. 

Trace One Order & Logistics enables the sourcing team to create purchase orders, manage amendments and revisions, and have visibility into the ordering, production and logistics processes. Buyers and other decision makers are automatically alerted if critical milestones are in danger of being missed, thereby able to effectively resolve issues and keep orders on track.


  • Increased Transparency: Full visibility of a product’s overall critical path with standard integration to the enterprise, supplier, third-party logistics providers (3PL) and other systems
  • On-time-in-full (OTIF) Improvements: Faster identification of potential delays to shipments through proactive triggering of alerts when logistics or production milestones are not met
  • Improved Speed to Market: Reduce lead times by streamlining the order management process and working collaboratively with the suppliers
  • Better Visibility: Provide a “single version of the truth” to all parties from pre-SKU through purchase order creation and shipment to the retailers’ distribution center
  • Productivity: Simplify the re-order process with a few clicks by using previously ordered products
  • Flexibility: Able to react quicker to unforeseen opportunities/challenges i.e. weather changes


  • Order Management provides the ability to raise and manage purchase orders, acting either as the retailer’s ‘PO system of record’ or by integrating with existing ordering systems
  • Order Visibility provides a single view of the end-to-end sourcing critical path, monitors the movement of orders, enabling faster resolution of potential issues with suppliers
  • Production Visibility enables buyers and merchants to be notified of any factory issues or delays that may impact on-shelf availability
  • Logistics Visibility from the factory to the final destination (DC or store) helps buyers monitor a single integrated process that integrates with supply chain and logistics systems

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