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In Mike’s Opinion …


In Mike’s Opinion … time is as useless as an empty beer bottle.  I just hate it
when everybody is constantly staring down at their watch as if they have somewhere really
important to be.  Trust me when I say this … they DON’T.  Just because they
are walking around as fast as they can with a cell phone to their ear and a briefcase in
their hand doesn’t mean anything.  They are no more important then you or me. 

The only thing I need a clock for is when I have to be at work in the morning and when
the bar closes at night …  but even the bar has “last call” so that
doesn’t even count. 

Time to me doesn’t mean anything … if I say I will be at your house, I’ll be at your
house.  I may be there early, I may be there late, but I will be there … and that
is the main thing.

Well, in closing, I always laugh at people who are running around in such a hurry
worrying that they are going to be 10 seconds late for something.  I hope next time
you think about rushing somewhere to make somebody else happy … you stop and think about
why you are bothering.  Just slow down, forget about the time, relax, and have a

The date is January 10th, 2000 …
And that my friends … is Mike’s opinion.

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