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posted by Savanah on Jun 1

I’ve been following the Crop Circle phenomena. I don’t know if I believe that they are created by extraterestials or man-made. Maybe the majority are man-made, but then that would make the rest made by extraterestials. The closest I’ve come to believe that these crop circle are a true phenomena is when I received a postcard from a very close friend of mine staying at the Best Ibiza Hotels in Spain. The front of the post card was a picture of the hotel itself. On the backside of the postcard she wrote:

“Spent the night in a wheat field with a group of fellow travellers. Wheat ready to be harvested. We flew over the field the day before and no viable crop circles. Next morning we awoke to a stirring of excited human voices, a crop circle had formed. Wow!”

I didn’t even know Spain had crop circles. I thought only England did, which is another reason for me to be doubtful. She roughly drew what the crop circle was with the little space she had left on the postcard. I was a geometric symbol I didn’t recognize. I, at first, thought that the group of fellow travelers pulled a hoax on her. But, via emails, she relayed to me that there was only a handful of people sleeping out in the field with her, not enough to make and complete the immense size of the crop circle. She also told me she went inside the crop circle and her hair literally stood on end; her husbands did too. She took some aerial photos and documented everything in her blog.

When I finally looked at the crop circle she photographed, I was amazed. Her drawing did it no justice. It was beautiful, intricate and mesmerizing. I definitely felt it was a message from a higher evolved society. One that has achieved peace and profited from this accomplishment; just a feeling I got. So for some small reason, maybe hope, I do believe that some are true messages from outer space letting us know that it will be alright.

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