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Are you in need of health insurance? Then read through this article to find the solution to your problem. It maybe someone who have not had health insurance before or somebody who had is insurance through his employment and now has lost his job. If you have lose your job as well as your health insurance, the only thing that survive many people in this type of situation is health insurance for unemployed, which help them to remain covered. In most countries there are programs put in place which are design to helping people in this type of situations, if you find yourself in this type of demise look for these programs. It is very true that if you have lose your job you can not afford to pay for high insurance premiums again, which give you no other option than to search for cheap health insurance.

People who work always benefit from health insurance coverage at a very affordable cost; this is because their employers are paying part of their health premiums. Others are simply covered by group health insurance coverage plan, and so when your job is no more you also lost all these advantages. To make things easier for those who for one reason or the other lose their jobs, in 1986 the Congress voted for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act or shortly COBRA. This act was put in place to see in to it that when you lose your job, it will allow you to switch from the group insurance plan that you had with your former employer to an individual insurance for unemployed and to maintain your group rates. It works very well for people losing their jobs regardless of the cause and to people who had their working hours reduced.

Therefore you should bear in mind that as you know longer work, you have to support the entire value of the premium because there is no longer an employer to subsidize part of it and this may be at times unaffordable for some you.

That not withstanding you can still do something about it because in the economic stimulus package president Obama introduced the possibility of paying a reduced premium for people benefiting from COBRA insurance coverage. Therefore for people who lost their jobs between the first of September 2008 and the 31st of December 2009 can pay only 35% of the premium for a period that won’t exceed nine months.

The unfortunate thing is that, the rates offer here are still too much for unemployed persons to afford. This people claim that there are some programs run by the government or by private organizations, which indicate that these programs are going to take care of their medical expenses while they are not working again. To get more information about these programs by contacting the institutions that rum them or contact your local department of insurance.
In case where your formal job was not providing a health insurance plan for the employees, it means you will not be part of COBRA insurance coverage. If you still want to be part of this plan then you will have to go to your state department of insurance to see if there is any health insurance unemployed that you can afford that is available. Also check whether you qualify for receiving health care from the sate or for Medicaid.

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