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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is produced by the pituitary gland. Many factors determine how much HGH will be produced including nutrition and exercise.

Everyone knows that the Human Growth Hormone is a protein that increases the size of the body cells. HGH also converts molecules into protein; increasing muscle building in the body. What one may not know is that with the release of HGH the body decreases the normal rate it utilizes carbohydrates and increases the rate they use fat. In a nut shell; lean mass is increased and so is fat loss.

Bodybuilders and athletes are finding that with a 2x dose of HGH they are seeing their best results for building muscle.

The body produces the majority of its HGH in earlier years, primarily during growth spurts. As one grows older the body simply produces less. Although Somatropin will increase size of muscle it does not generally increase strength. That is why HGH is often used in a “cocktail” whit anabolic steroids, insulin, IGF and T3. When combination is used correctly they produce a large quantity of synergy; all delivering a beneficial part to providing results in your muscle building goals.

HGH can be used for regression or retardation of growth after cessation of therapy, cartilage repair, or muscle building. HGH can easily be obtained through us for shipment to your door. Doses should be taken twice a day, every other day for a minimum of three months. Better results are noted with longer use.

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