Meet Morgan Rand, San Antonio Trainer for Three Wishes Travelling Natural Horsemanship

Elisa has had the invaluable privilege of being with and learning from horses for most of her life.  With the guidance and coaching of many talented horse professionals throughout the years, Elisa has developed a special way of working with horses and people together to build communication and connection.  With a background of training in human fitness and biomechanics and serving as an Equine Specialist for a team doing mental health work with horses, Elisa brings a teaching style that uniquely adjusts to each student.  Elisa is able to use her education as a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist and as a student in Equine Osteopathy to really understand the biomechanical, physiological and behavioral processes happening in the horse.  Watching and understanding human and equine behavior is Elisa’s specialty.  She is then able to apply training techniques that work for both the horse and the owner, coaching them to success and gaining confidence, knowledge, skill and, of course, a priceless connection with their horse.

“I absolutely love to see the look on a client’s face and the way their breathing and posture changes when all of a sudden, they get this brain/body connection “click” and they relax into the role of “Horse Trainer”!

Elisa is excited to share her knowledge and walk along-side anyone willing as she, herself, continues on her own horsemanship journey.