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Thompson Diuretic II Review

Will Thompson Diuretic II Help Your Fluid Levels?

I’m not that sure with this product. Depending how your body responds to diuretics will determine if this product works for you or not. If you have any kind of tolerance to diuretics it most likely will not help out. There just isn’t much in this product that will pull water off your body. Thompson Diuretic II seems like it would contain a little more of a punch but it is more of like a tap. I think it should help pull off some extra water but how much I’m not sure, most likely it will take some time. I’m not the type of person that recommends taking a diuretic for a long period of time. I think they should be used for more of a quick slim down before a trip to the beach or during your menstrual cycle. Some people constantly retain water and that means that there is something wrong with their kidneys or hormone levels. In that case a trip to the doctor for a prescription diuretic would be recommended.Lets take a look at what is found in Thompson Diuretic II

Thompson Diuretic II Ingredients

Potassium 60mg, Parsley Leaf 100mg, Uva Ursi 33mg, Short Buchu Leaf Extract 25mg, Juniper Berry 10mg.

Cost of Thompson Diuretic II

On average this product will cost you around $7.00

Overall Thoughts On Thompson Diuretic II

Overall this is one of those lower end diuretics. The price explains why there are so few ingredients and such low amounts. This product will most likely help you lose some extra water weight but how much is questionable. Even though the cost is fairly low you may want to try a diuretic that is a little higher end.

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